Reports and Certificates

Diamond Grading Report

Diamond Grading Report provides an accurate assessment of a diamond’s authenticity and quality (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) based on internationally recognized standards. Diamonds with permanent treatments are certified with such treatments noted prominently in the comment section of the report. IGJI Diamond Grading Reports are not issued for diamonds with non-permanent treatments.

Gemstone identification Report

Gemstone identification Report is based on a precious stone analysis, which is designed to identify the species and variety of a gemstone. The report clearly states whether the stone is natural or synthetic, provides other data describing its shape, cut, weight, measurements, color, transparency and major optical characteristics, and also includes a photograph of the stone. Treatments, if any, are noted in the comment section of the report.

Jewellery Quality Analysis Report

Jewellery Quality Analysis Report provides an expert and impartial analysis of jewellery without disassembling the precious piece of jewellery. The report provides a detailed description of a specific item of jewellery including content, quality and weight.

Sealed report

Upon request IGJI seals the stone along with its gemological report to assure the client that the diamond/gemstone corresponds to the gemological report.

Co-branded Report

Co-branding offers an opportunity to combine the jewellers long standing reputation together with the brand IGJI which is acknowledged worldwide for its gemological expertise.